English Placement Test 2
45 minutes
1. Match the picture with the color:
a) red
b) blue
a) orange
b) yellow
c) green
2. How many objects are there in the picture- choose
a) two b) one c) five
a) six b) two c) zero
3. Choose the name of the picture:
4. Choose the right option:
5. Choose the right option:
a) leg b) arm c) body
a) mouth b)belly c) nose
6. Choose the right option:
7. Mark the right option:
a) kitchen b) bedroom c) hall
a) kitchen b) bedroom c) hall
8. Choose the right option:
9. Choose the right option:
10. Choose the right description:
11. Choose the correct option:
a) Is it a spider? a) Yes, it is. b) No, it isn't.
b) Is it a house? a) No, it isn't. b) Yes, it is.
12. Choose the right option:
a) dance b) swim c) jump
a) swim b) jump c) fly
13. Choose the correct option :
a) It's one o'clock. b) It's four o'clock. c) It's six o'clock.
a) It's one o'clock. b) It's five o'clock. c) It's three o'clock.
14. Match the description with a picture:
a) It's rainy. b) It's sunny. c) It's windy.
a) She is happy. b) She is sad. c) She is cold.
a) It's a bus. b) It's a car. c) It's a boat.
15. Choose the right option of plural :
1. apple - a) applie b) appless c) apples
2. mum - a) mums b) mumies c) mumys
3. bus - a) busys b) buses c) buss
16. Choose the right preposition :
a) in b) on c) under
a) under b) in c) on
a) on b) under c) behind
17. Choose the right description :
18. Choose the correct verb for each sentence :
1. Mary to school at 7:30 every day.
2. We swim in a swimming pool on Sundays.
3. I football very often.
19. Write the names of the instruments:
20. Insert a proper form of the verb "BE"(IS, ARE,AM) (BE - IS, ARE, AM)
1. She a nice girl.
2. We students of third grade.
3. I a pilot and that's really cool.
21. Choose the right description:
22. Choose the right option:
a) You can play football here.
b) You has to play football here .
c) You mustn't play football here.
a) You have to clean it.
b) You can't clean it.
c) You mustn't clean it.
23. Choose the right word:
1. often do you play tennis?
2. is the best student in this class?
3. do you get up?
24. Insert the correct form of the verb from the brackets :
1. Susan likes to the park with her friends. (go)
2. They hate tests every month. (write)
3. I love chocolate. (eat)
25. Complete the sentences telling what should the people are doing:
The man .
The boy .
They .
26. Complete the story with a proper past form of verbs in brackets:
Three months ago Bob 1. (go) to his granmother, who lives in the village. He
2. (travel) a long time and after 5 hours he finally 3. (arrive) at his granny. She was really happy and quickly 4. (prepare) a delicious meal for Bob.
He 5. (spend) about two weeks at granny's. All the time he 6. (listen) to her interesting stories and ,which is more surprising, he 7. (cook) tasty biscuits with her.
When the last day 8. (come) Bob 9. (feel) very sad but his granny
10. (promise) him that next year he would stay with her almost the whole month.
27. Choose the right option:
1. My mum is a good teacher. I think she an award soon.
2. I have learned a lot and I believe I the exam.
28. Choose the right option :
1. She .......... changed her job recently.
a) have b) has c) having
2. They have already ......... breakfast .
a) eaten b) eat c) eating
29. Write an opposite to each adjective :
1. good -
2. happy -
3. difficult -
4. cheap -