[h]Where does the woman live?

[q multiple_choice=”true”]  What is the woman buying? 


[c] Vegetables


[c] Hardware


[c*] Fruits


[c] Clothes


[c] Meat


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Where does the woman live?  


[c] in a small house in a village


[c] in a big house in a town


[c*] in an apartment in a city


[c] in a flat in a village


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Where are they? 


[c] in a library


[c] in a bank


[c] in a sports centre


[c*] in a shop


[q multiple_choice=”true”] What did the woman see? 


[c] a film


[c*] an accident


[c] a competition


[c] a race


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Who are the people? 


[c] students


[c] business managers


[c] police officers


[c*] tourists


[q multiple_choice=”true”] The woman is Lily’s _______. 


[c*] aunt


[c] cousin


[c] niece


[c] grandmother


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Why didn’t the woman want to buy the dress? 


[c*] It’s too expensive.


[c] It’s the wrong size.


[c] She doesn’t like the colour.


[c] She doesn’t need it.


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Where are they?

[c] In a hotel


[c*] In a train station


[c] In a cafe


[c] In an airport


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Which season is she talking about? 

[c] spring


[c] summer


[c*] autumn


[c] winter


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Which room is the man talking about? 


[c] bathroom


[c] living room


[c*] kitchen


[c] bedroom


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Where is the speaker? 

[c*] At an airport


[c] At a train station


[c] In a city centre


[c] In a university building


[q multiple_choice=”true”] What is the man doing? 


[c] Buying a birthday present


[c*] Returning a jacket


[c] Complaining about service


[c] Discussing his daughter


[q multiple_choice=”true”] Where does Candy work? 


[c] In a bar


[c*] In a hotel


[c] In a shop


[c] In a cinema


[q multiple_choice=”true”] What is the woman talking about? 


[c] Running


[c] Gymnastics


[c*] Swimming


[c] Ballet


[q multiple_choice=”true”] What does Zoe study? 


[c] Art


[c] Drama


[c] History


[c*] Fourth answer choice