About Us


At Happy English Academy we envision English education as a lifelong pursuit with an emphasis on early success with English Standardized tests. We don't just teach English we mentor students from success to more success and for each goal we reach, we set another more challenging goal. We don't just seek to teach a student but rather, we seek to guide the next generation into a world of possibilities.

We can mentor any student to reach their highest potential!

All of our English Teachers are Highly trained and experienced. Our head teacher has been a teacher trainer and guest speaker throughout Taiwan for 10 years, including speaking at the 2010 annual Taiwan Teachers Association. Our teacher has also led acquisition teams and consulted with the largest ESL franchises in Taiwan while maintaining leadership in the Foreign Teacher Acquisition industry by training and providing job placement for hundreds of English teachers. All of our teachers are maintained at acceptable international accreditation standards.

We hire only the best American English teachers!

Our facilities and Classroom Environments will be held only to international standards. By creating a relaxed yet very proactive learning environment Happy English Academy strives to provide a state of the art atmosphere that is accessible to all of our students during our office hours 10am – 12pm four days per week.

Your access to our English teaching professionals expert advice is unlimited!

Blended learning refers to the Happy English Academy course curriculum which combines a face-to-face (F2F) classroom component with an appropriate use of technology. Happy English Academy courses utilize a wide range of recent technologies, such as the internet, CD-ROMS, and interactive whiteboards. Our active use technologies also include the use of computers as a means of communication, such as chat, forums, and email and our custom virtual learning environment to enrich each course and encourage maximum student engagement.

We are visionaries, we want your children to have a vision of the future!

Students will be guided in class to begin self study and work with our state of the art Online Learning Environment OLE. Students and teachers will be able to maintain constant communication and parents will be able to mark a students progress online 24 hours a day.

Staying connecting and helping each other achieve success has never been easier, but each student must make choice to engage this new world or be forced to be left behind.

We are Happy English Academy, we promise to not let your children and our students be left behind!