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Intensive Beginner's English Course Unit 3


Unit 3 is the third installment of the Happy English Intensive Beginner’s English Course


Unit 2 is the second installment of the Happy English Intensive Beginner’s English Course. Grammar patterns covered in Unit 2 include:

  1. object pronouns
  2. plurals
  3. school supplies
  4. possessive pronouns
  5. greetings
  6. modal verbs can/should
  7. ordinal numbers
  8. future tense be verb
  9. past tense be verb
  10. age
  11. grade
  12. days of the week

English basic vocabulary and spelling will also be emphasized throughout Unit 2. After the completion of Unit 2, students will be able to think in the three basic tenses (past, present, and future) while using be verb grammar.




  1. 受格代名詞
  2. 複數
  3. 學業用品
  4. 所有格代名詞
  5. 問候用語
  6. 情態動詞 can/should
  7. 序數
  8. Be動詞未來式
  9. Be 動詞過去式
  10. 年齡
  11. 年級別
  12. 星期


The Happy English Intensive Beginner's English Course is designed to prepare students to pass the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) basic level. Unit one teaches students affirmative sentence, negative sentence, and question formation grammar with modal verbs and Be verbs. After completion of unit one, students will be able to distinguish present tense and future tense grammar with modal verbs. Also, students will be able to make simple sentences in present tense with the Be verb. There is also a phonics section where students will practice short vowels and receive an introduction to long vowels.






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